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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Authentic Indian Problems : Sensitivity and Ego

January 03, 2018
Every now and then, violence, bandhs, and vandalization occur here or there in India and the root cause of each and every one of them is either sensitivity, ego or traditional beliefs. Never the cause makes any sense to me nor to any one I know personally but then also there are thousands of people protesting and I really don't know who these people are.

I am pretty sure most of them are not even aware about the cause for which they are protesting for. They just follow their leaders blindly and take inadequate actions which affects mostly those sections of society which had nothing to do with the actual cause. Shopkeepers, daily wagers, random people roaming on the roads just at the bad time are the ones who suffer.

Yes you won a battle a 200 years ago, Yes it is a matter of pride for you. But why not treat it a battle which you won and someone lost rather than a symbolic victory of lower caste on upper caste.
Yes 200 years ago, one group was superior to the other but in present day scenario I don't think there is any substantial gap between the two in terms of income, jobs etc. Drop that ego of superiority of your caste, it is not worth of so much fuss.

Authentic Indian problems are bound to occur whenever something obnoxious is felt by large group of people. In a democratic country like ours, where people are destined to have the rights of freedom, speech and expression, people often stumble while voicing their thoughts and opinions. What could be the reason behind this? Not being offensive, but are Indians largely non-working? Cause it is highly unfavorable for working class to find out time to protest against something which makes absolutely no sense at all. Why not people project this amount of energy and enthusiasm into doing something productive?

Another recent event revolving around the release of Padmavati movie also falls under the same category. If you don't believe in what they are making don't go and see it, don't promote it, who are you to stop others from watching it. It's meant for entertainment, that's it.

Two three years back another film which had a scene where a man dressed up as Lord Shiva was seen abusing came into limelight. No one was beaten, no death threats were issued but somehow that movie never released. Some proper steps were taken by people who got offended and the problem was resolved later. Same could have been done here instead of burning the sets or threatening the artists.

I can bet some of us were not even aware of Bajirao and Mastani before a film was made on them. Why be so sensitive, treat it as a movie and if your history is that great, a simple movie is not going to destroy it.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Organ Donation in India - Process and Facts

October 23, 2017

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that the demand of organs is fairly high than its supply in India. Unfortunately, deaths due to unavailability of organs is increasing each year and therefore there is a massive need of people who take the bold initiative of donating their organs and make a difference in the lives of thousands of people waiting for lifesaving transplants.

There are various organisations in India which allow you to register as an Organ Donor and issue you a card which states your intentions for the same. There are some general steps which can be followed for one such organisation.

Firstly there are two ways in which organ donation can be done either by registering beforehand and pledging as an organ donor or by the consent of the family after death. 

You can either by your wish register yourself as an organ donor and specify which organs you would like to donate. Or else even if you have not registered as a donor after your death your family members can grant permission for the same. But the important thing here is that even in the first case your family members will be required to honor your wishes. If they refuse then even though you are a registered organ donor, the hospital will be forced to reject it.

Following are the key points for the registering process:

  • While submitting the form as an organ donor, two witnesses are required one of whom should compulsorily be an immediate family member to prove your consent while filling up the form.

  • The above mentioned form can be downloaded from many sources but it is advisable that it is done from some government or acclaimed body such as AIIMS or NOTTO.

  • There is no fees involved for signing up as a donor and the form is free of cost as well.

  • Once submitted you will be provided with an organ donor card with a unique registration number on it. You are advised to keep this at all times with you. 

  • It is also advised that you share your decision with your close family members so that they approve for it after the death since their consent is also mandatory as already stated.

  • After your death within certain time frame all the organs that need to be donated have to harvested in order for them to be alive

  • Now before the organ donation process you will have to be declared brain dead by a set of doctors twice in certain time frame and only after that the organs will be harvested.

  • For certain organs cardiac death is enough for harvesting but in most organs like kidney, liver etc. brain death is necessary.

  • There are specialized transplant teams which carry out all these activities and the dead body is not harmed in any way that it is not dignified to look at.

  • There are also certain scenarios where you can donate some of your organs to your family member even when you are alive.

Remember age does not matter, anyone can be an organ donor, although if you a minor consent from your guardians will be required and you can anytime withdraw yourself from the pledge of being an organ donor.

Friday, 20 October 2017

What India Needs To Understand

October 20, 2017

What India needs to understand is the fact that the government isn't going to do everything for them, the government is not going to solve all their problems or spoon feed it's countrymen until we decide to take the charge. Yes, we elected our leaders and brought them power so that they can clean up the mess created after 67-68 years of Independence. Until and unless we join hands, no BJP or Congress can help us.

Last year this time after Diwali, Delhites were unable to breathe. Dust and smoke had covered up the city, people were forced to wear mask and glasses just to walk properly in open, it was similar to some fictional fantasy movie set up in the future but it wasn't. Back to present, Supreme Court made our job easy by banning the sales of crackers thinking it might make people realize that today's efforts will help the future generations, so burning crackers should be avoided for a clean environment. But to no avail. Now everyone is blabbering about how no one does anything to solve the problem of pollution in the city. For once in life, people should self introspect before protesting.

Not only this, people want the cities to be developed, roads to be safe, corruption to vanish without realizing that we are at the core of it. 5 minutes of traffic and even educated ones start honking the horns and take the wrong side. Traffic police stops you for not carrying your papers, or not wearing the helmets and 99 percent of us don't get the official Challan made but what we do is give the cop 100 200 rupees and just walk free.

Yes Demonetization was a failure, but the idea on whole was brilliant but the way it was implemented made sure it failed. I still don't know what the government could have done better but yes everyone around us knows all the different tricks people used to go around and get their black money converted into white. Yes, Indians are Jugaadu!

Every single friend of mine feels that reservations when introduced in the society way back were a boon but now it's an undue advantage and it should not be there as many suffer because of it. But now there are people who in present times want more reservation and for that they do stuffs which not only are senseless but also harm the commoners. Why do we need more reservations as if the existing ones are less. We don't need useless protest and chaos anymore people.

I respect cows and we have worshiped them from a long long time & even I want them safe. But there are other problems existing in UP and particularly in India on the whole that can be solved or at least worked upon, some of them being development, crimes, rapes etc but we decide to put them on halt. Great!

Like for an individual to succeed he needs to work upon himself, similarly we as a nation need to realize things which are important and which are not and that we just can't sit and wait for someone else to solve our problems. Yes the government has not done much, yes they have not delivered what they promised to but what India needs right now is not a new leader or government but a moment to realize the depth of the problems and further work upon finding their solutions collectively.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Best eating junctions in Pune - for those in need of a break from curry!

October 19, 2017

With its perfect climate, exotic destinations, diverse people and the delicious food, Pune has to be one of the best cities to live in India. And one thing which you just cannot or must not miss when in Pune is it's yummy food. Eyeing the number of youths that live here there are so many destinations where you can go and you will want to go again and again for a great gastronomic experience.

Consider this as a checklist of places you surely need to cover when you are in Pune the next time.

Vohuman Cafe

You need to visit Vohuman very early in the morning in order to cover the best they have to offer. Ask anyone and they will tell you this is a part of Pune's history. Try the mouth-watering cheese omlet, cream plate and the bun maska here.


Again a place where you can go just to eat something which you might not have eaten ever before. As the name suggest they serve everything that has eggs and you would surely be surprised to see the menu and the food presentation. Yum!!


For all those vegetarians out there this is a must visit for lunch when in Pune. Go empty stomach and and enjoy the Indian thali which you surely won't regret. If you  are lucky enough to be there during the Mango season, Aamras is just going to be the jackpot.

AB's - Absolute Barbecues

Specially for the hardcore non- vegetarians out there, try this  barbecue place instead of all those old chains. Their live counter serves bunny, octopus, squid and god knows what all variety of foods. Not to forget they have the best dessert section I have been to till date.

Hyderabad House

If you have never been to Hyderabad then probably you have never eaten the best biryani served in the country. Pune is not as great as that but the taste offered here will surely last in your taste bud for a long long time. Try the spicy Aroma Chicken Biryani here.

Apache High Streets/Hidden Place 

You cannot leave Pune without enjoying its night life and these two here offer the best balance of economy and fun. Music, drinks, food and the ambiance everything is just about perfect to make sure you have a great time.

Visiting all these sites will take almost an entire day and by the end of it, you would have covered nearly all joints for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In case you still have time try these ones below as well. 

Garden Vada Pav Centre 

You just cannot come to Pune and not eat the vada pav here. It's almost available everywhere but if you need to try it this has to be the place where you do.

Shiv Kailash

If you are ever in need of eating sweet anytime in Pune this has to be an option. They have a very small menu but its very very sweet. Try the Faluda ice cream , double malai lassi here.

Kayani Bakery

It's one of the most famous and oldest bakery in Pune and it's a must visit spot for there  shrewsbury biscuits & mawa cakes. They are temporarily closed due to some license issue but hopefully they will be open soon.

Chitale Bandhu

Again an important name in Pune, this one is the most famous sweet shop around. Get some bhakarwadis & chakalis from there for sure.

German Bakery

A popular hangout spot for the foreigners in Pune. Visit this early morning for a breakfast or a brunch and do try the red velvet cake.

For all those coming from other states to Pune try the Misel Pav and the dabeli somewhere. You won't get these two dishes outside Maharashtra so trying them out is a necessity.

All of the aforementioned sites serve some brilliant delicacies and you surely should not miss even a single one of them.

Indian Web Series that are worth your time! Check out.

October 19, 2017
The quality of content in the web series these days is far superior to those silly dramas airing on traditional TV channels in India. It all mainly started with the launch of The Viral Fever channel on Youtube and after that there was no stopping.

None of my friends watch any of those daily soaps but everyone is quite updated about the web series which are being aired on YouTube.

I have personally watched many of them and here I am listing out some of the bests which everyone should definitely watch. Since they were aired some time ago, you can easily finish them in one go.

SIT : Men The Real Victims 

A simple sketch on the lives of a married couple which hilariously depicts how in every argument in the house it's the man who is always the victim(Fun intended).

SIT- Pyar Ka Punch

If you liked Men the Real Victims then you are surely going to love this one. Again about a married couple and how the husband here every time finds a way of doing things the way he wants buy convincing the wife that it is what she wants.

Y Films - Bang Baja Baaraat

This is a hilarious tail of marriage of two people with totally different backgrounds and the struggle they face when their families come together.

The Aam Aadmi Family

This one is about a small, middle class typical indian family of five and their day to day lives. With beautiful moments and extra ordinary acting many would easily relate with the characters being portrayed.

Life Sahi Hai

If laughter is what you desire then this has to be the one. It's a story about 4 friends living together in New Delhi and the women's in their lives.

TVF Pitchers

This has to be the best web series available in India by Indians. Everything from story, dialogues and performance was top notch. It's about the journey or the chain of events that depicts the life of 4 friends who leave there high paying jobs to enter into the business world by establishing their own venture.

TVF Permanent Roomates

This cute little love story of an unusual couple Tanya and Mikesh, who had been in a long distance relationship for 3 years and barely knew each other decided to move in together, has already completed two seasons and for sure is one the most loved web series in India. You will get along and remember each and every character of this show easily.

TVF Trippling

Road trips are something which you usually plan with your friends but ever thought off a road trip with your siblings? The show is about three siblings who have not met for quite a long time, embarking a trip which brings laughter and emotions on every stop. Eventually, the trip helps them rediscover the lost essence of their relationships.

These are few of my favorites but the list doesn't end here. There are a lot more and if you are already done with all of these move on to What the Folks, Baked, Man's World and the School Days by Timeliners.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

A part of you can save a life- Be a Donor! Be a Saviour!

October 18, 2017
India has acute shortage of organs for people in desperate need of it and for one of the highest populated country in the world the only solution that can be thought of is to make people aware of this unfortunate scenario and try to convince them to come forward and become a donor.

Number of people who die everyday due to unavailability of organs is huge and nobody cares about it. Legally, only immediate family members are allowed to donate organs and if they are not a match or if they don't want to donate then the only option is to go on the wait list and wait for your turn to come.

To explain the present situation in India I would like to take up Kidney transplant as an example.

Back in December 2010 someone I knew got diagnosed with kidney failure and the only option which was given was to get a transplant as soon as possible or sustain on dialysis. Now three of his family members came forward but due to one reason or the other like high blood pressure, kidney stone etc., all were deemed not capable of becoming a donor.

Next step was to go and get registered in the list through which you can get a donor. This happened in 2011 and the waiting period which was given to the patient was somewhere around 4 to 5 years. Nothing could be worse than to know for a person with double renal failure to wait for another 5 years just because there were no donors available at that particular moment  in India.

Fast forward 6 years and when this person died, few of his family members suggested that they donate his eyes but few still objected on this. The point here is if family members of people who have gone through the problem of not finding a donor don't come forward to donate how will others who by god's grace have never faced such an issue will do so.

As the number of potential donors increase, the waiting period decreases and the chances of their survival increases simultaneously.  I am not writing this to change the mindset of someone who is reading this text but even if I end up encouraging few readers who go forward and get registered themselves as an organ donor, I think my job would be very well done.

A single donor can save up to 8 lives and if you become a donor you can gift life to someone who is in extreme need of it.

Go Ahead and Give It a Thought. 

There are various NGO's and organisations which are working on creating awareness about the same, visit few mentioned below to know more.
Donate Life India, Organ India, Notto

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Things you might miss after moving from Android to iOS

October 17, 2017

There might never be a clear winner in the race of Android vs iOS but that doesn't have any effect on their fan bases and users and this article is not intended to put a bad name for iOS or the iPhone's on the whole but it's to point out things which a long time Android user might miss when they initially move to an iOS device. 

I started using Android back in 2011 with the Samsung Galaxy Pop, followed by the Asus Zenfone 4, and then the OnePlus X and recently i switched to iOS with the iPhone 7. Here I am consolidating a list of the things all users in general might miss but for me there are only 3 things which i hope Apple solves as soon as possible.

Dual SIM Support 

Most of us in India usually use two SIM cards and this is the worst problem for iPhone users. You will find most of them carrying two phones with them which was never a problem with Android.

Expandable Storage

With Android even if you buy a 16 GB device there is always an option to expand via microSD card and also the price difference between two variants is not that big while with iOS you won't get an option to expand memory and you will have to pay nearly 10k extra in order to get double the storage initially.


Customization is just not an iOS thing(Control Center customization does not count). You cannot have themes, launchers, icon packs etc in iOS and this might be a huge bumper for many who regularly change the look and feel of their devices. 

Third Party Apps and App Stores

Android allows installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store and even there are various other stores like the AC Market, Amazon App Store etc which offer apps that can be very useful at times but with iOS that cannot be the case.

File Manager 

This is the biggest drawback I have faced till date in the iOS. A proper file manager which allows me to access each and every type of file available in my device is such a boost. Yes, with iOS 11 a file manager has been added but it only browses through iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox etc and not the phone storage itself.

Call Recording 

Most of the android phones allow call recording feature in built or integrated with the dialer itself and if they not, there are tons of apps to achieve the same. Although there are apps in iOS as well which solve these problem but most of them are paid and the task is not that easy. Call recording not being legal in many places is the reason behind the same

Default Apps

In android you can choose the apps which you want by default to open certain kinds of files etc but the same cannot be done in iOS

Cache Cleaning

In android one can easily free up internal storage by deleting the cache of most of the applications but in iOS to do the same the only way is only delete the application and install it again.

Keep in mind these points in case you are planning to move from Android to Apple in the near future but for sure don't judge iOS based upon only these facts. Once you start using iOS, it's elegance, smoothness and effectiveness can easily blow your mind. 

I'll be back with a post soon with the other side of the story. Stay tuned.
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