Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Must Have Apps in Smartphones [India]

There are millions of apps on both Google Play and the App Store but not all are useful for everyone in their day to day lives. Here I have curated a list of apps which I believe every Indian should have in his/her smartphone.

Google Suite:

Yes, most of the phones come pre-installed with the google apps but still if you are using an iPhone you would have to go and separately get few of them. Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Youtube and Keep are the must have apps on the phone and I don't think I need to mention their benefits. You just need to have them plain and simple.


Paytm has grown to be the most widely used wallet service in India. Paytm has efficiently decreased the need to carry change and specially cash which is revolutionary in Indian scenario. The app provides great user experience and the benefits are numerous. Definitely , Paytm Karo!


It’s a proven fact that Indians are crazy about sports specially cricket and football. Assuming you would like to track it on the go, Cricbuzz and Goal are the best options available by far.


Again, there are tons of instant messaging apps available, but the user base of WhatsApp is still the highest. WhatsApp has crossed all boundaries in order to make chatting easier like never before. Sense its popularity, earlier we used to say "send me a SMS" but now it has changed to "WhatsApp me".


One of the most useful apps available out there. The options to scan document and share them in desired format along with accessibility across all platforms make it a must have.

Snapseed/PS Express:

These two by far are the best photo editing apps out there. With proper time and efforts you would be surprised with the output you can generate through these apps.


With great offers and cashback program Ixigo is one of the best options to book your travel itinerary. With over 100 million download this again is a must have.


Eating again is a thing Indians love and with Zomato finding places for us has never been easier. I myself never go to a restaurant without checking their ratings and reviews on the app. Also recently I have started ordering food much more from Zomoto compared to the other platforms. Moreover, they offer great discounts
throughout the year.


Again a must have shopping app on your phone. I end up ordering even small day to day items from here, thanks to their prompt delivery. And if you get their prime subscription then it has much more to offer with quicker deliveries, early access, discounts etc along with their streaming services, the Amazon Prime and Amazon Music app. Both of them offer remarkable content.


Most often when you search something on internet you end up on Wikipedia reading about it. The app offers great experience and readability and for sure should be there on your device.


No need to mention anything about it. It is easily the most used media player on desktop/ laptops and same goes for the phones. These are even more useful for iPhone users as video syncing is easier with it.


A market leader in it’s domain, BookMyShow is the most likely the platform you are going to use for booking events and movie tickets and hence having its app installed will always be efficient.

My Love for Football and Manchester United

It all started in 2002, when my father first decided to show me the world cup final. From then onwards it was bits and pieces of me enjoying the games here or there as with no cable at home, watching football matches was not that easy in India. Fast forward to 2007, I had dish installed in my house which acquainted me with the grandeur of the Premier league and everything changed.

With players like Ronaldo, Rooney, Vidic, Scholes, Giggs, Ferdinand etc, Manchester United’s dominance in England was at another level and I just fell in love with each and everything about the team. Ronaldo became my instant hero and till date there is no one who for me can take his place and every MU fan will somehow understand my feeling. Initially I used to watch only their games and I still remember the 2008 Champions league final and it was that game which made me realise the passion which football instills into the players and the fans.

I went to college and there was no source to watch matches and with time, the interest was lost . I use to follow the scores but rarely got any opportunity to watch the matches live. Things changed when MU signed Persie and the buzz was too much to resist. I slowly started watching the games and it continued the same for next two three years.

It was 2015 and I moved to Pune and started working. I had a TV and fortunately the room mates who shared similar passion for the game or rather greater than what I used to have. Thanks to them, the crazy fever was back. First thing which I did was going through thousands of content on both Wikipedia and Youtube just to cover up the lost time. I needed to know everything which went through the football world in that time. Quickly i was in sync with everyone and everything, best matches, the best goals, top scorers, winners, loosers, transfers, sackings, everything. As now it was not only about the game played on the field but also about everything connected to this beautiful game as well.

Weekend was never the same again. The discussion around the teams, playing XI, tactics, bench, injuries, transfer rumours etc was all we talked about. The level to which we got involved in discussions regarding the game was just something so unnatural as no matter what you say or what you do you just cannot convince any football fan to change his favorite team or his favorite player and hence the debate went on and on and on.

It’s 2018, I don't miss a single match that United plays, be it League, League Cup, FA Cup, Champions League, Europa League or even the PreSeason friendlies. There is something special about this game and especially about this team which makes me eager to wait for the next #MatchDay.

Manchester United has always made sure that it doesn't let its fans down, and therefore I will stand by you even in your darkest days.The start hasn't been up to the mark but hey! don't worry cause even if the sky is filled with the clouds, the sun still shines above!

I am a Manchester United fan and a football fan forever and I hope someday I will be sitting in the Theatre of Dreams watching my favorite team play.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Authentic Indian Problems : Sensitivity and Ego

Every now and then, violence, bandhs, and vandalization occur here or there in India and the root cause of each and every one of them is either sensitivity, ego or traditional beliefs. Never the cause makes any sense to me nor to any one I know personally but then also there are thousands of people protesting and I really don't know who these people are.

I am pretty sure most of them are not even aware about the cause for which they are protesting for. They just follow their leaders blindly and take inadequate actions which affects mostly those sections of society which had nothing to do with the actual cause. Shopkeepers, daily wagers, random people roaming on the roads just at the bad time are the ones who suffer.

Yes you won a battle a 200 years ago, Yes it is a matter of pride for you. But why not treat it a battle which you won and someone lost rather than a symbolic victory of lower caste on upper caste.
Yes 200 years ago, one group was superior to the other but in present day scenario I don't think there is any substantial gap between the two in terms of income, jobs etc. Drop that ego of superiority of your caste, it is not worth of so much fuss.

Authentic Indian problems are bound to occur whenever something obnoxious is felt by large group of people. In a democratic country like ours, where people are destined to have the rights of freedom, speech and expression, people often stumble while voicing their thoughts and opinions. What could be the reason behind this? Not being offensive, but are Indians largely non-working? Cause it is highly unfavorable for working class to find out time to protest against something which makes absolutely no sense at all. Why not people project this amount of energy and enthusiasm into doing something productive?

Another recent event revolving around the release of Padmavati movie also falls under the same category. If you don't believe in what they are making don't go and see it, don't promote it, who are you to stop others from watching it. It's meant for entertainment, that's it.

Two three years back another film which had a scene where a man dressed up as Lord Shiva was seen abusing came into limelight. No one was beaten, no death threats were issued but somehow that movie never released. Some proper steps were taken by people who got offended and the problem was resolved later. Same could have been done here instead of burning the sets or threatening the artists.

I can bet some of us were not even aware of Bajirao and Mastani before a film was made on them. Why be so sensitive, treat it as a movie and if your history is that great, a simple movie is not going to destroy it.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Organ Donation in India - Process and Facts

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that the demand of organs is fairly high than its supply in India. Unfortunately, deaths due to unavailability of organs is increasing each year and therefore there is a massive need of people who take the bold initiative of donating their organs and make a difference in the lives of thousands of people waiting for lifesaving transplants.

There are various organisations in India which allow you to register as an Organ Donor and issue you a card which states your intentions for the same. There are some general steps which can be followed for one such organisation.

Firstly there are two ways in which organ donation can be done either by registering beforehand and pledging as an organ donor or by the consent of the family after death. 

You can either by your wish register yourself as an organ donor and specify which organs you would like to donate. Or else even if you have not registered as a donor after your death your family members can grant permission for the same. But the important thing here is that even in the first case your family members will be required to honor your wishes. If they refuse then even though you are a registered organ donor, the hospital will be forced to reject it.

Following are the key points for the registering process:

  • While submitting the form as an organ donor, two witnesses are required one of whom should compulsorily be an immediate family member to prove your consent while filling up the form.

  • The above mentioned form can be downloaded from many sources but it is advisable that it is done from some government or acclaimed body such as AIIMS or NOTTO.

  • There is no fees involved for signing up as a donor and the form is free of cost as well.

  • Once submitted you will be provided with an organ donor card with a unique registration number on it. You are advised to keep this at all times with you. 

  • It is also advised that you share your decision with your close family members so that they approve for it after the death since their consent is also mandatory as already stated.

  • After your death within certain time frame all the organs that need to be donated have to harvested in order for them to be alive

  • Now before the organ donation process you will have to be declared brain dead by a set of doctors twice in certain time frame and only after that the organs will be harvested.

  • For certain organs cardiac death is enough for harvesting but in most organs like kidney, liver etc. brain death is necessary.

  • There are specialized transplant teams which carry out all these activities and the dead body is not harmed in any way that it is not dignified to look at.

  • There are also certain scenarios where you can donate some of your organs to your family member even when you are alive.

Remember age does not matter, anyone can be an organ donor, although if you a minor consent from your guardians will be required and you can anytime withdraw yourself from the pledge of being an organ donor.